Theme Options (General information)

Options Page is a set of panels that give access to the support (1) and switching panel options (2).


On the Support Panel are the following buttons:
1) User manual – access to documentation on the technical support website. (1)
2) Support Forum – a forum designed to create a community of users to those produced Semilton IT Solutions UG. (2)
3) Submit a ticket – by clicking on this button you can access the page where you can post a request for technical support. (3)


In Options Tabs are the following Tabs:

1) the General panel – setting common elements throughout the site. It is setting the page layout, setting a direction of writing the text, enable or disable settings of WordPress Customizer, and also a scroll settings. (1)
2) the Header – setup menu layout. The following settings are available in this tab: header layout, setting the Contact line, the Logo setting menu, Dropdown menu settings, Favicon, Title bar settings and Breadcrumbs. (2)
3) the Sliding Bar – settings make it possible to configure the use of the slider or use images under the header or above (relevant only for Sticky header). (3)
4) the Footer – contains main Footer settings. This tab helps to configure Footer columns amount, Footer width, enable or disable Copyright Bar. (4)
5) the Typography – contains custom Font loading form. (5)
6) the Blog – contains main Blog settings. Blog Tab gives possibility to change Blog Page layout, to change Blog item view, to change Single Page layout. (6)
7) the Portfolio – contains main Portfolio settings. Portfolio Tab gives possibility to change Portfolio Page layout, to change Portfolio item view, to change Single Portfolio Page layout. (7)
8) the Demo/BackUp – contains Demos variant to be loaded on mouse click, contain all options from Options page import/export options. (8)
9) the Contacts – contains social links icons mechanics. Switching icons On/Off, changing their places. (9)


Also you can find in Theme options some Plugin setting that concerns Exspecto Theme working process. Such as WooCommerce and Zendesk.

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