Theme options / WooCommerce



  1. Product PageĀ 
    1. Product Page/ Layout – helps to set up main WooCommerce Page layout, helps to set up Wide display mode for WooCommerce(Display on Full Browser width), helps to set up columns amount.
    2. Product per Page – set up amount of Products per Page.



  1. Product item
    1. Product Page / Items – set up Product item design. It includes Product item layout, buttons to be dispayed on Product item.
    2. Product Page / Item – helps to set up Product item Hover Buttons effect and Hover Buttons.



3. Product single page

  1. Product Single Page / Page Layout – helps to set up product Single Page Layout and set up wide mode for Single Page.
  2. Product Single Page / Page Item Layout – set up content layout for Single Page.
  3. Social share buttons – gives possibility to set up Social links on Product Single Page and choose what social link to display on Single Page.
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