Theme options / Portfolio


  1. General options
    1. Portfolio category by default – select which category to display if category not selected all Portfolio elements will be displayed.
    2. Portfolio items per Page – amount of Portfolio elements on each dedicated Page


2. Portfolio page

  1. Page layout – determines which Page layout will be selected to display Portfolio elements.
  2. Display options – set up wide mode(Full Page width) for Portfolio page only, determines column amount.


3. Portfolio page item

  1. Portfolio item – set up Portfolio item display style for Portfolio taxonomy page.
  2. Portfolio image hover buttons – set up Portfolio element Image Hover buttons and type of Hover effect for these buttons.

Screenshot_25 Screenshot_26

4. Portfolio single Page options

  1. Page Layout – select Page Layout for Portfolio element Single Page. Set up Wide mode(Full width of Browser) for Portfolio element Single Page.
  2. Content layout – select layout for Portfolio element description
  3. Featured slider – set up slider consisted of Featured Portfolio elements abowe portfolio element description.
  4. Social share buttons on Portfolio page Рdetermines which share buttons dispaly on Portfolio Single Page.
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