Theme Options / General

1. Website display options


  1. Website display options – helps to set up Website Layout mode. Full width (boxed inner content), Boxed of different width and Wide. In Wide mode you can spread content at all window width. You can set up width of content for all types of Layout mode. This width will be set up as max-width of ‘.row’ and as width of ‘.row’.  Please set up width as in example: ‘1200’, don’t place ‘px’ in end of string.
  2. RTL Support – helps to enable right-to-left writing of text on website, and also to display as in mirror web page layout.
  3. Page PreLoader – helps to enable or disable Page Preloader for web site. Also you can choose Page Preloader layout.
  4. Theme Customizer options switcher – disable Theme Customizer options that are generated by WordPress Customizer

2. Scrolling 

  1. Smoth scroll – scrolling options will help set up Smoth scroling or disable it. In this sections you will find settings as length of scrolling and time period.
  2. Scroll To Top button / Mail to us button – gives possibility to enable or disable Scroll to Top buttons and Mail to Us button.


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