Setting Up The Sliding Bar

You have two ways to set up Sliding Bar

  1. From Theme Options: Apearence > Theme Options > Sliding Bar
  2. From Page Options on each dedicated Page

Theme options set up Sliding Bar for all Pages, set custom Title Bar or disable it you can from Page options. Page options gives possibility to set custom settings for Sliding Bar.

Theme options:

(1) – enable/disable Sliding Bar

(2) – Position of Sliding Page (‘Above’ actual only for Sticky Header)

(3) – enable/disable Image on Sliding Bar

(4) – possibility to Upload Custom Image

(5) – enable/disable Slider for Sliding Bar (Slider is prerogative on Image, if Slider is enabled, Image would not be shown)

(6) – input for Slider Shortcode

(7) – Sliding Bar Position. chose custom Pages on which to show Sliding Bar


Page options:

Page options give the same posibilities but only for dedicated Page.

(1) – enable/disable Sliding Bar

(2) – content of Slider Bar (image or slider)

(3) – position of Sliding Bar (‘Above’ only for Sticky Header)

(4) – possibility to Upload Custom Image

(5) – input for Slider Shortcode

Screenshot_132 Screenshot_133

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