Row customization

Row customization helps to set unique options for each row separately.

Row settings:

  1. Hide on mobile (1) – do not dispay row on mobile
  2. Parallax (2) – enable parallax for row. For parallax background image (4) should be set up
  3. Background color (3) – row backgrounf color
  4. Background image (4) – set up background image
  5. Background position (5) – background image position
  6. Background size (6) – background image size
  7. Background attachment (7) – define will the background be scrolled with page scrolling or not
  8. Background repeat (8) – direction of background repeat
  9. Anchor for Magellan menu (9) – set up Menu item connected to row. Works only for Anchor/Magelan Menu
  10. Minimum height (10) – set up row minimum height
  11. Row width and content (11) – set up row content width.
    1. full width / full width inner content – strech content on whole screen width (column spacing is still working). Additionaly disable column spacing in inner column and you will get 100% width content of the row.
    2. full width / boxed inner content – row is streched for 100% width but content has boxed size. Beautiful for stylished background and parallax.
    3. boxed cotent – ordinary setting when row has max-width dimention and center-aligned on page.
  12. Extra class name (12) – add custom class to selected row



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