How To Assign A Slider

There two ways to asign slider to Page in Exspecto Theme:

  1. With help of Theme OptionsĀ 
  2. With help of Page options of dedicated Page

To asign slider with help of Theme Options:

  1. Go to Apearence > Theme options > Slididng Bar
  2. Enable ‘Slider on Sliding Bar’ switcher (1) and disable ‘Image on Sliding Bar’ switcher
  3. Paste slider shortcode to ‘Slider shortcode’ field (2)
  4. Select pages on which Sliding Bar with slider will be displayed (3)

To asign slider to Page with help of Page Options:

  1. Enable Page option (1)
  2. Select Sliding Bar Tab (2)
  3. Select Page Sliding Bar content as Slider (3)
  4. If you have selected Sticky header for Page you can select Sliding Bar Position (4)
  5. Paste slider shortcode to Shortcode field (5)



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