Builder controls

You will enjoy working with Exspecto Page Builder. This page builder makes creating a website fun and easy. A page can be split into different work sections, where you can choose your colors, backgrounds, layouts, sidebars, classes, and more. Within each section, you simply add whatever items you need.

Let’s consider Page Builder Controls:

  1. Header of Page Builder:Screenshot_212
    1. Page Builder Switcher (1) helps to enable or disable Page Builder
    2. History Buttons (2) helps to controll changes during one post review. After Page Update history is cleared.
    3. Delete all Page Content (3) and also all included elements settings
    4. Layout Control (4) helps to save current Page as Layout and upload previously saved Layouts and also Prebuild Layouts.
    5. CSS Editor (5) gives controll on custom CSS  added to Page.
  2. Page Builder Footer: Add Row Button (1) helps to add Row filled with Columns (2) in different variations Screenshot_214
  3. Row and Row Controls / Column and Column Controlls:Screenshot_213
    1. Row (1) and Row Controls (2) 
    2. Column (3) and Column Controls (4)
    3. Add Element Button (5) – add Page Builder Shortcodes to current Column. Shortcode will be added to the bottom of column. Column content can be scrolled up and down. Visible section contain can display not more than 3 Column Elements.

Let’s consider Row and Column Controls:

  1. Row Controls:

    1. Up (1) – move up row in Page row sequence
    2. Down (2) – move down row in Page row sequence
    3. Add Column (3) – add narrow empty column to row
    4. Row Settings (4) – customize row with personal settings as background color, background image, parallax effect and etc.
    5. Delete Row (5) – remove row and all included elements with their settings
  2. Column Controls

    1. Become more narrow (1) – make column more narrow
    2. Become more wide (2) – make column more wide
    3. Column Settings (3) – customize column with personal settings
    4. Delete Column (4) – remove column and all included elements with their settings

Please remember that Page Builder is working only with Default template.

To use Page Builder enable it on current Page, add Row with columns. Fill columns with Shortcodes. All elements settings are saved by Ajax, so they won’t be lost if you suddenly will reload Page. But to display Page Content it is obviously to Publish Page or Update Page. During this process Page content is generated.

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