Builder Shortcodes

Exspecto Page Builder has 57 prebuild Shordcodes/Widgets.

To add Shortcode/Widget to column:

  1. In Page Builder in Column you want Press button “+ Add Element” (1). After this you will see modal full off Shortcodes that Exspecto offers you to be added to Page. Screenshot_234
  2. Click on each and you will add it to Column.
  3. After adding Shortcode Option Modal will be opened. You can customize it immidiately or to do it later. If you don’t want to do customization now cloase Modal.

Each shortcode has plenty of options. Sometimes with design options total amount of options (2) for separate widget can be more than 60 options. So not to consider each here you can find description directly on Shortcode/Widget Modal window. In every options you will fint description section (3) that will help you to understand how to use each widget.


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